Tire Talk

by Hunter HowardTire_tread

When you notice your customers’ tire tread wearing thin offer them some helpful information about why it’s a good idea to get them changed sooner rather than later.

The tread on a tire is used for more than just grip on the road. The depth of your tread determines how fast your tires will vacate water to keep in constant contact with the road. Research shows, when your customers are out on the prowl looking for tires, their primary considerations are price, availability and treadwear. Prices can be easy to find, but the others have been harder to measure, until now.

Consumer Reports show almost half of the 47 all-season and performance all-season tires could last at least 65,000 miles, some reaching up to 85,000, but here’s the twist — tires with the longest life don’t always cost the most.

When offering your customers advice, recommend they stay with the size and speed rating of their car’s original tires. Next, look at the treadwear grade of the tire. A grade of 300 means the tire will wear three times as well as a tire with a grade of 100. These grades are given to the tires by the manufacturer, not a third party, so watch out!

My father used to say to me, “Invest wisely in the things that separate you from the ground.” Among mattresses and shoes lies tires. So help your customers choose wisely so they can drive safe!

About National Oil & Lube News

National Oil & Lube News is the fast oil change industry's oldest and largest trade publication. Started in 1986 by Steve Hurt (a former fast lube owner) and David Arrington, NOLN has grown and evolved right alongside the fast lube industry. Here at NOLN, our aim is to help fast lube operators with every facet of their business, from operations to technical issues. Our monthly magazine and this regularly updated website contain everything from technical tips, recall announcements and service guides to articles on handling customer complaints, building your brand and making your business the best it can be. With tips and advice from experts both inside and outside the industry, you're sure to learn something that can help your fast lube business grow and prosper.
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