Profit Opportunity: Wiper Blades

by Hunter Howard

It is so easy to forget about reminding your customers to change their wiper blades but it is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can make more money on a ticket. I suppose it’s easy to forget because customers should know when they need new blades and ask you for them right? Not always.

Changing wiper blades will constantly be shrugged off when customers think about their car because unlike something like tires, they aren’t always in use. Drivers usually realize their blades need replacement when it starts to rain heavily or a wave of bugs barrages their windshield.

shutterstock_295703246A simple way to remember when to check your customers’ wiper blades is to change them when the time changes. When you set your shop’s clock an hour forward or an hour backward, it’s a good time to start checking wiper blades again. Transitioning from a harsh weather season like summer is a good way to remember too. When winterizing vehicles, go ahead and remind customers about their wiper blades. After hot summer months, wiper blades can become riddled with cracks that will cause the blade to lose good contact with the windshield.

Wiper blades are one of the most helpful pieces of equipment on a vehicle. They are also one of the least appreciated in comparison to what they do. Take the time to remind your customers about wiper blades.

About National Oil & Lube News

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