Best of Jay Leno’s Garage

by Hunter HowardScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.03.08 PMMany of you get to see interesting cars roll through your bays every day. (If we’re lucky you send them to us to publish in the Customer Rides portion of our magazine.)  But possibly none are more unique than some of the cars featured on the Youtube channel, Jay Leno’s Garage. Here’s our top five must watch videos.

1. Batman’s Tumbler

This vehicle makes the top of the list for being one of the most badass vehicles ever driven. Straight from the movie, “The Dark Knight,” this beast of a machine was custom made for the movie. Everything from the chassis to the brakes is an original design.

2. Blastolene’s Piss’d Off Pete

What would a Peterbilt truck look like if you squeezed it into the size of an SUV? It’d look like Blastolene’s Piss’d Off Pete.

3. 1913 Mercer Raceabout

You could drive this car off the lot, take off the headlights and go racing. Being a high-end car, there were few of these sold, leaving about 25 of them float around to date. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing, especially with the monocle windshield.

4. Lenco BearCat

With 3-inch bulletproof windows and 3/8 inch armored plate covering the entirety of the vehicle this hunk will keep you protected no matter the situation. And don’t worry, this vehicle is available for pedestrian purchase at the low price of $3000,000!

5. Custom Decoliner

This machine is beautifully built way to travel. The option to drive from on top or inside of the cab makes this vehicle look like a lot of fun.

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