ClearMechanic’s Enhanced Android Application Now Available

ClearMechanic announced yesterday that their Android application is available. 

Read the press release below for an overview of features:

“We are excited to announce our new Android mobile application, released today into the Android “Google Play” store.  Simply search for “clearmechanic” and download!  If you already have the application installed on your smartphone, search for “clearmechanic” and select “Update.”

Below are just a handful of new features in the new Android mobile app that are worth highlighting.  Many of these were developed in close cooperation with our existing clients, who provide invaluable on-the-ground perspectives.

(By the way, a new iPhone app is coming soon as well, which will have the same new features!)

Improved Design and Aesthetics
The first thing users will notice is the revamped design of the application, including enhanced icons, buttons, font style and size and spacing.  Our application has always been functional and easy to use, which are still the key attributes for a mobile app designed for automotive service centers.  Now, however, it it is even more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.  

CM Home Screen             Main Menu Screen

More Flexible Android Camera Orientation
iPhone users are spoiled because the Apple app ecosystem makes portrait and landscape (i.e. vertical and horizontal) photo orientation easy.  We have brought the same flexible camera orientation to all Android devices.  Simply shift the camera on its side and the orientation adjusts automatically.  Seems like an easy thing to do, but trust us, this is difficult to implement across the entire Android app ecosystem!  (Notice how popular apps like Facebook and Instagram always come to Android long after Apple.)

Android Portrait vs. Landscape      Android Landscape

Easier to Add Multiple Service Recommendations to Same Repair Order
There is now a one-click option to quickly add a service recommendation to the same Repair Order.  You can see the “Add Repair Type” option below, which appears right after the user has sent one set of vehicle photos or videos.  When selected, the user is immediately taken to a screen with the same Repair Order number pre-populated (no need to re-type it!).  An additional service recommendation can be uploaded in just 10 or 15 seconds from this screen.

Repair Details Screen              Add Repair Type

Main History Screen Now Shows Repair Order Number, Repair Type and Exact Time of Upload
The new Main History Screen is laid out to display all relevant information for each Repair Order in a clean, professional format.  Notice there is also a very easy one-click option to start a new Repair Order from the History Screen.

Main History Screen

Real-Time Video Capability Now More Intuitive 
We found that many Android users were not aware that we offered real-time video capability (this is one of our best features!).  We have laid out the different media-taking options in a more organized format that should be intuitive for first-time users.

Android video

Click to Your Service Center’s “Live Gallery” Directly from History Screen 
Users can now easily see where their recently uploaded photos or videos are shown online.  We include a direct link to the service center’s “Live Gallery” feature.  We also show each service center whether it has opted in for integration with their shop or dealer management system.

Viewing and Sharing


For inquiries, suggestions or feedback, contact ClearMechanic by emailing them at:

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One Response to ClearMechanic’s Enhanced Android Application Now Available

  1. Ron says:

    I am a huge fan of the CM application and would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a go. It’s a great way to interact with customers.

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