A Program that the Fast Lube Industry Should Incorporate Into Their Business Model?

Ran across an interesting press release today. A concept being instigated by the DIY segment, but fast lubes could do this, too. This is a good example, but other suppliers and motor oils can be used, as well.

Advance Auto Parts Give Consumers the Power to “Close the Loop” with Valvoline NextGen Motor Oil
Program Helps Vehicle Owners Protect Their Cars, the Environment and Their Wallets

LEXINGTON, Ky. and ROANOKE, Va., Feb. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Advance Auto Parts and Valvoline are teaming up to bring engine performance and environmental responsibility together like never before.  Consumers can now return their used oil to any of the more than 3,300 Advance Auto Parts stores nationwide and purchase Valvoline NextGen to help “Close the Loop” and receive a special offer.

Valvoline NextGen motor oil is made of 50 percent recycled motor oil and delivers 100 percent Valvoline quality and protection, securing optimum engine protection while lessening our dependence on foreign crude and preserving existing resources. For committing to performance and the environment by returning used oil and refilling crankcases with NextGen, Advance Auto Parts will reward those who Close the Loop with a $20 mail in gift card offer.

American cars and trucks use over three billion quarts of motor oil annually, of which 200 million gallons or more is not disposed of properly.  Using NextGen helps ensure used oil doesn’t find its way into our water supply, where it can have a myriad of harmful effects; just one gallon of improperly disposed motor oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of drinking water.  Compared to non-recycled motor oil, NextGen uses 48 percent less fossil fuels, emits 40 percent less harmful and acidic emissions, and has 20 percent less global warming impact.

“We are excited about the Close the Loop program and proud to partner with Advance Auto Parts,” saidDarryl Gaines, Valvoline Brand Manager. “NextGen has experienced great success because it delivers optimal performance and environmental benefits. The Close the Loop program is a way to continue to encourage behavioral change that can help decrease our reliance on crude oil drilling by re-using the resources we have available.”

“Using NextGen motor oil is a simple way to do the right thing while still reaping the benefits of a high-quality product,” said John Lammers, Product Solutions Director at Advance Auto Parts.  “We are excited to see our customers getting on board, and as always, we are here to collect and recycle their used oil so dispose of your used oil properly and bring it in to your local Advance Auto Parts.”

NextGen’s introduction to the motor oil category last year turned the heads of those who put their engines to the ultimate test and seek the best in performance: professional drivers.  Last fall, NextGen technology was put through extensive validation testing across NASCAR and NHRA earning approval from some of motorsports’ top teams – including Don Schumacher Racing and Roush Fenway Racing – and earning some big wins on the track.

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4 Responses to A Program that the Fast Lube Industry Should Incorporate Into Their Business Model?

  1. JohnDenholm says:

    I think Valvoline should work to increase the amount of recycled product in their oil. In California you must have 70% recycled oil to qualify for the re-refined oil credit.

  2. I like the concept of “Close the loop” but not sure how feasible it is for the fast lube industry to adopt. I think we’ll need the support of the oil suppliers to market/drive this type of oil as the right choice to consumers first.

  3. steve says:

    Most oil is recycled anyway, Vavoline is selling a gimmick with Nextgen
    Many Walmarts have dropped Nextgen, it doesnt sell

  4. Susan Boklund says:

    We should always use recycled products to help our environment. .

    <a href="Our new blog

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