Quaker State Rewards Program

Quaker State just launched a new rewards program that will pay consumers for keeping their cars. From the press release:

The makers of Quaker State, the motor oil well known for providing durable protection, are now giving motorists cash for using Quaker State and making their cars last. The Quaker State Cash Back Bonus Program launches today and is designed to reward consumers who use  Quaker State Ultimate Durability full synthetic motor oil, Quaker State Enhanced Durability synthetic blend motor oil or Quaker State Higher Mileage Engine motor oil with the cash value of their vehicle when they reach 300,000 miles, subject to certain terms and conditions. 

The Quaker State Cash Back Bonus program is being released in conjunction with the updated Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty program, one of the easiest to use, longest running and most comprehensive motor oil warranties available to motorists.  The new Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty is one of the first lubricant manufacturer programs that follows the vehicle makers’ recommended oil drain intervals.
“For over 20 years now, the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty has been one of the best motor oil warranty programs on the market. The tradition of being among the industry’s most innovative motor oil brands continues with the recent changes to the warranty program,” said Chris Hayek, Quaker State Global Brand Manager. “People are keeping their vehicles longer to maximize the value of what may be their second largest investment, and the Cash Back Bonus is being introduced to provide a bonus to them for reaching 300,000 miles with the help of Quaker State specialty motor oil.”

 As the average age of a vehicle on America’s roadways rises to over 10 years old, more and more Americans are paying close attention to the costs for upkeep and mandatory maintenance of their vehicle. When Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty participants reach the impressive milestone of 300,000 miles, the Quaker State Cash Back Bonus rewards them with the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value for their vehicle as listed in “Good” condition a value of up to $3,000. 

 “The new Quaker State Cash Back Bonus is designed to reward those motorists who view their vehicle’s mileage as a badge of honor,” said Hayek. “With the yearly cost of owning and operating a vehicle in the U.S. increasing more than 3 percent from last year, many consumers are looking for ways to help keep their vehicles running smoothly longer, as a way of saving instead of springing for a new vehicle.  We hope those consumers will use the bonus as an incentive to keep their high-mileage vehicles and maintain them using Quaker State specialty motor oils.”

The Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty protects 15 engine parts from lubricant-related failure and provides motorists’ vehicles with coverage for up to 10 years or 300,000 miles, whichever is first. The Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty is free to qualifying consumers who use Quaker State products. To qualify, consumers’ vehicles must have been manufactured within the last 72 months and have driven 75,000 miles or less at the time of enrollment. Qualifying consumers can enroll in the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty program atwww.quakerstate.com.

To be eligible for the Cash Back Bonus, consumers must be eligible for and participate in the Quaker State Lubrication Limited Warranty program and use one of the Quaker State specialty motor oil products in the vehicle starting no later than the 100,000-mile mark.  Consumers will not be eligible for the Cash Back Bonus if they use Quaker State conventional motor oil at or beyond the 100,000 mile mark, unless they meet the requirements of the Grandfather Clause.

(This post written while listening to “Midnight Rider” by Willie Nelson.)

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