ACDelco to Market Mobil Oils

Just received word that ACDelco is expanding its product line by offering Mobil products, including Mobil 1 motor oil products. (Not surprising, given that we understand Mobil makes the “synthetic blend” that ACDelco markets as its dexos motor oil.) From the press release:

ACDelco is partnering with ExxonMobil to release an expanded offering of more than 100 products that will now be available for order through ACDelco. Categories for the new program are:

·       ACDelco oil products including ACDelco dexos1 Synthetic Blend

·       Mobil 1 oil products

·       Mobil 1 specialty products

·       Mobil Automatic Transmission Fluids

·       Mobil Clean products

·       Mobil Delvac products

·       Hydraulic Oil

·       Grease

(This post written while listening to “Ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner. Gotta throw a little classical in there every once in a while!)

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3 Responses to ACDelco to Market Mobil Oils

  1. Howard Davis says:

    How often should change your oil when using AC Delco dexos 1 synthetic blend 0w-20. I have a 2014 Silverado with a V-8. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Hi Howard, great question, unfortunately not as an easy answer as it used to be. It depends on who you listen too. If the answers comes from GM they would say to watch for the “oil life monitor” to indicate when to change the oil. The OLM varies depending on driving because the monitor uses camshaft sensors counting the number of times the cam rolls over. Using a mathematical formula of the the number of rolls and the engine heat equals oil life- complicated but accurate. So a driver in heavy traffic stop and go will drive fewer miles than a driver in open roads.
      The oil companies will typically say 3-5K miles.The misconception is that because one uses a syn/blend the vehicle can go farther between oil changes, not necessarily.The oil filter companies typically endorse the 3K miles or 3 month theory because of the oil filter design and because of the anti-drain back value that is a component of all oil filters now a days. This years NOLN operators survey says that the average vehicle drove 4,597 miles between services. Hope this helps if you would like to continue the conversation email me at

      • Howard Davis says:

        Hi, that is the best answer anyone has given me. I called Mobil because they make AC Delco and the man said he did not know they made it. I want to believe GM about 6000 mile oil change, but you really need to reserach for your self. Thank you and have a Blessed day.

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