EPA Approves E15

Interesting article here about the EPA’s approval of E15. It’s not likely to have a major impact in the automotive world because a) there’s no demand for it; b) gas stations don’t have the infrastructure to carry it; and c) it’s a permissive decision, not a mandate. Having said that, it continues the expansion of ethanol into the fuel we use, a dirty little secret that benefits a minority of people while causing headaches for most of us. Case in point: The more ethanol you put into a gallon of fuel, the less distance you can cover on that gallon of fuel. Hence, E15 (which is a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, as opposed to the E10 – 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline – that we’re being forced to use now) actually lowers your gas mileage even further than E10. And I’ve personally noticed a 1-2 mpg reduction in mileage since my local stations started forcing E10 down my throat. Further, many cars and other machines with internal combustion engines simply weren’t made to use ethanol in any concentration. The caustic ethanol actually eats away at seals, and I’m fairly certain E10 is what caused a lawnmower of mine to die a premature death last summer. We’ll see if the EPA changes its tune in the future and forces us to use E15.

(This post written while listening to “Buddy Holly” by Weezer.)

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