Future of Gasoline Engines

It’s a bright one, according to this feature from Automotive News. Despite what the naysayers and hard-core environmentalists would have us believe, internal combustion engines will still be powering the vast majority of all automobiles for decades to come. They’ll just do it cleaner and much more efficiently!

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One Response to Future of Gasoline Engines

  1. In most of the developing world outside of the G20 the automobile is still a luxury. However, with cheaper products and emerging markets in China and India we are likely to see more gasoline powered vehicles in the next 20 years. I still strongly feel that consumers in the first world will be more inclined to purchase electric in the next 20 years opposed to the gasoline engine. I base this opinion on a number of factors: eduction, income, and ethical responsibility are a few. Just recenlty, I was involved in the opening of some leading edge retail gas stations in Canada that have the infrastructure in place for charging electric vehicles. I think 10 years from now we will be looking at an entirely different landscape of automobiles let alone 20 years from now.

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