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More tidbits from iFLEX:

Contrary to rumor, David Saddler, former exec director of AOCA, wasn’t forced out. He reportedly left for a better opportunity elsewhere.

Attendance is estimated to be nearly 700 buyers, much more than last year. Not only that, but there’s clearly an air of excitement that was missing in 2009. Has the economy truly turned the corner? A lot of operators believe so.

The big topics of conversation are GF-5 and dexos. One insider predicted a 10 percent price increase for GF-5 products compared with today’s GF-4 products, though the same source said GF-5 won’t likely see widespread introduction until 2011. Dexos, meanwhile, is likely to be a full synthetic product, but will not cost “dramatically more” than GF-5 products. What is likely to happen, though, is a continued fragmentation of motor oil specifications, with even motor oil blenders expecting that packaged lubricants will become more widespread in the future as OEMs increasingly recommend their own formulations.

More to come.

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