Fuel Economy Regs Change

Now that the current administration effectively “owns” two of the Big Three, it didn’t take long for the powers-that-be to put their stamp on fuel efficiency. You can read the details here, but the long and short of it is that the car and light truck fleet in this country will have to average 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016 (instead of 2020 as proposed by the Bush administration), with experts estimating (on the low side, perhaps?) the mileage increase will result in a $1,300 increase to the price of every car and truck. Cars alone will have to average more than 42 mpg, and as we’ve mentioned in this space before you can find exactly three cars on the market today that do so: the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Honda Insight Hybrid and the Toyota Prius Hybrid! Guess we’ll all be driving compacts in 10 years.

About National Oil & Lube News

National Oil & Lube News is the fast oil change industry's oldest and largest trade publication. Started in 1986 by Steve Hurt (a former fast lube owner) and David Arrington, NOLN has grown and evolved right alongside the fast lube industry. Here at NOLN, our aim is to help fast lube operators with every facet of their business, from operations to technical issues. Our monthly magazine and this regularly updated website contain everything from technical tips, recall announcements and service guides to articles on handling customer complaints, building your brand and making your business the best it can be. With tips and advice from experts both inside and outside the industry, you're sure to learn something that can help your fast lube business grow and prosper.
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