Economic Gloom and Doom?

Interesting story from the Washington Post about the economy and peoples’ attitudes. Seems that the economy isn’t as bad as the general public believes it is. Somewhat humorously, the Post attempts to defend media coverage of the economy, when all the public has seen and heard for much of the past year is gloom and doom. Gee, when all you read about or view on TV is that the sky is falling, after a while you’ll begin to believe it. Even when the sky is safe and sound, thank you very much.

There’s little doubt that negative media coverage regarding the economy is a major cause of the poor attitudes that many Americans possess. The Post notes that the media covered the last two recessions much the same way, but what they fail to mention is the vast growth in the amount and type of news available now. The Internet was still an infant during the last recession. Now, news and information — especially economic news and information — are everywhere. The long and the short of the Post article: Things really aren’t as bad as they seem!

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